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Alaska unveiled its new Boeing 737 MAX 9 livery featuring the orca whale.

Date :22-04-05 Vsits : 217


Alaska Airlines livery in the paint shop. Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines recently debuted its brand-new special paint job featuring the symbolic orca whale.The carrier partnered with Boeing and design consultancy Teague to paint the livery using new 3D inkjet technology.The unique inkjet printer significantly reduces the time and manpower required to paint an aircraft tail.

Alaska Airlines' new orca livery. Alaska Airlines

Orca (Southern Resident Killer Whales) in the Pacific Northwest. Monika Wieland Shields/Shutterstock

Seattle-based Alaska Airlines just unveiled its newest aircraft paint job that highlights the nature and landscape that surrounds its Pacific Northwest headquarters.

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Alaska is the first major US airline to offer a 'flight pass' subscription for discounted travel between 16 cities for as low as $49 a month

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet features the powerful orca whale, which has been a symbol of the West Coast for thousands of years and a prominent figure in many native cultures and belief systems.

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