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Watch ‘unbelievable’ sighting of elusive sea creature giving Ireland tourists a show

Date :23-04-09 Vsits : 167

A boat of tourists in Ireland got a special treat while coasting through Dingle Bay: A visit from killer whales.


“An amazing sighting of orcas today onboard our tour,” Dingle Sea Safari, the tour company, said in a July 10 Facebook post. “This is such a rare sighting as it’s only the second time in 8 years we’ve seen them in Dingle Bay! What a fantastic treat.”

Videos of the encounter shared to Instagram and Facebook show the creatures diving through waves, with dorsal fins popping out of the water every few seconds.


People on social media were awed by the sighting.

“Once in a lifetime,” one person commented on Instagram.

“A male orca in Irish waters how cool,” someone wrote on Facebook. “Such a dream to see one of these.”

“Wow! What a spectacular sighting, I still dream of seeing a wild orca,” another person said on Instagram.

Dingle Bay is off the southwestern coast of Ireland.

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